Why a purebred?

Teresa Gustafson I LOVE WHEATENS!!!

As humans we often lead with our hearts, but getting a dog should also be done with your head.

When I decided to start breeding Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier I took the time to educate myself. Learned about the breeds history, I joined the breed club, found a mentor, learned to show, got my first bitch her championship, paid for health testing (including DNA test), learned what judges thought about my dog, took three years before my first litter, found caring and lifelong homes for each puppy (and will take back a dog at anytime in its life if necessary), and registered the litter with the appropriate kennel club.

Backyard breeders and puppymills are unfortunately abundant. I question anyone willing to breed two different purebred breeds together. Please — and I can’t stress this enough — look for someone who takes the time to do right by the dogs involved.

If you made it this far in reading my post – here is my reason for following this path – I LOVE THE BREED. I love it unmixed, just as it is. Others share this passion, and this is what keeps the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier going strong.

I love dogs in general, but I also love the two hundred years that it took to create the wheaten and I honor that commitment from those who have bred wheatens before me. I love reading pedigrees and connecting with the past. I love the traits and personality of the wheaten that have become famous. I love their brown eyes, their big black noses, and muddy paws.

The more I do this the more I understand the PASSION fostered by being a careful and ethical breeder.

Our choices always have consequences. Choose wisely for the safety of your heart (because hopefully you will love your dog dearly). Choose wisely who you support with your money. Choose wisely so you will have the support of your breeder for your dog’s

Choosing a purebred dog and an ethical breeder will have a positive effect on the breed we all love. I LOVE WHEATENS!!! I

can’t convince everyone that mixes are bad, but every opportunity that arises I will dive in. That is my job as a caretaker for a purebred breed. I LOVE WHEATENS – JUST AS THEY ARE 🙂

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