OCTOBER 2019 | Halle earns her RATN with an extra bonus — a high in trial first place blue ribbon for being fastest in her height category.

MAY 2019 | Halle returns to Barnhunt and redeems herself after a failed instinct test five years ago. She Qualified for her first third of a leg for her RATN title and finished high in trial with a third place ribbon! Halle also Qualified in a Crazy 8’s trial by finding two rats, and climbing and tunnelling. We can’t wait for our next trial!HalleCHAMP_feb2015

      INT DE VDH AT LU DK NL CH Wheaten Rebel’s Carlos Santana – 3244 – 27/08/2001
  US CH Ballinvounig True Chance – W57850 – 10/12/2003
  IE CH Ballinvounig Chancetaken – U49994 – 20/07/2000
  CA CH Wheatnbrook’s Kickin Your Assets – “KIP”  RN174163/01 – 03/10/2008
  CA CH Wheatnbrook’s Hylanders Quest
  CA US CH Wheatnbrook’s Starry Night – RN052875/01 – 13/11/2003
  CA US CH Ballymena’s Trilogy – 13/05/1997
CA CH Inisroe’s Hallelujah – “Halle” AA500456 01/22/2013
  CA US CH Lil’ Town Whindswept – “Duffy” RN04044701 – 17/12/2003
  CA CH Waverleyglen’s Marathon Man 2nd – SE121811 – 31/03/2006
  US CH Waverleyglen’s Kiss Me Kate – MC799711 – 14/02/2002
  CA CH Inisroe Mistress Scout Finch – “Finn” XS374461
  CA CH Keepsake Terminal Velocity – 15/10/2002
  CA CH Waverleyglen’s Mistress Clarinda – RJ041408 – 07/05/2005
  Keridown Parting Kiss – 06/06/2000