Hi to all the folks who have been enquiring about puppies and our next planned litter.

Our Neala litter resulted in a single pup On April 17, 2020. Odin is doing well and is a healthy, active pup. He will stay in our home and hopefully be our next Champion.

We also have Nerida turning two May 28. We hope to get all the testing in place so we can breed her this year. With COVID-19 throwing monkey wrenches every where we will need to see if this is possible.

We are getting numerous enquiries per day, so apologies if I miss responding (but I do try : ). Best way to enquire is to use the puppy enquiry form so I have an email/file record to refer to when the time comes.

Wishing you all safe social distancing and keep in touch!

Cheers, Teresa

We are a small kennel. Our goal is to have a yearly litter, but we breed ethically and there are many steps before a litter. We show our dogs to their championships and do extensive health checks. We also strive to have homes lined up before we breed. If you are interested in a puppy our first step is for you to fill out the puppy enquiry form.

If you wish to remain on our list we require that you check in by email every 2 months or you will be removed from the waiting list. Send the completed form by email to info@bachramkennel.ca or use our snail mail address: 10469 Arbutus Road, Youbou, BC V0R 3E1.

We are always happy to educate with regard to our breed. We welcome visitors to dog shows that we are participating in; and visits to meet the pack at our home. We run a small B&B in case you need to travel and want to stay the night. Check out our listing – Dogswood on AirB&B.