Hi to all the folks who have been enquiring about puppies and our next planned litter.

Our last breeding was our Argo x Neala litter, it resulted in a singleton boy. Such is life – you never know how many puppies you will get. We are happy as Odin is proving to be a keeper and we can’t wait until his show career can start!

We had Nerida turn two end of May 2020 and her health testing is now in place so we can breed her next cycle ( probably February 2021). We have chosen another Mackanme Sire – Solo. He can be viewed at www. mackanme.com. Our Puppy enquiry form is at the bottom of this page (first step in our interview process).

Stay safe, healthy and happy!

Cheers, Teresa


May 28, 2018 – Halle has had her second litter. Eight beautiful pups, five boys, three girls.

The sire is Justice from Mackanme Kennels in Washington State.


January 2016

Our Halle delivered her first litter on January 4, 2016. Three boys, two girls. All were a good weight and healthy. All are in good homes.

Fiona has achieved her championshiop in P.E.I. Congratulations to Diane and Terry of Inisroe. Looking forward to seeing her pups!

Bébinn is in my home and has been shown to her Canadian Championship. She is enjoying life in the country with her momma and Auntie Millie.

Jig, Bayley and Jasper are in pet homes and being treated royally as all wheatens deserve.

Puppies go to approved homes only. If you are interested in starting the interview process please download and fill out the interactive PDF form. Upon receipt of the form, and subsequent approval following an in-person interview, we will place you on the waiting list and contact you when a litter is planned. Our email is info(at)bachramkennel.ca.

We prefer to interview applicants in-person to ensure the puppies are placed in forever homes. We know some people may find the process a bit intrusive but please try to understand that sending puppies out into the world is a very serious undertaking.

We are always happy to discuss the breed whenever the opportunity arises, please email info(at)bachramkennel.ca with any questions.

Please note that we will not be docking tails. In P.E.I. (Halle’s original home province) the veterinarian association has opted to avoid cosmetic interventions. We love the tail in its full glory and will continue in this style.

A great dog is worth the wait.