Litters 2021

Demand for puppies has been strong. Please read on!

My kennel is only me – so if I fail to respond quickly to your enquiry please feel free to reach out again and remind me. I am a hobby breeder who does this for many reasons, but mainly because I love this breed. I require many assurances that you can provide a suitable home. A suitable home means you can afford the ongoing costs of dog ownership, keep the dog safe, provide a stable environment, and train and attend to its mental needs. Long term, after you have your dog, I do require an occasional check in as to the health and well-being of your dog.

Please note that if the only contact from you is the initial enquiry form and you do not follow up with the occasional email I will assume you are no longer interested or have found an alternative path. My interview process only begins with the form, after that expect a Zoom meeting (or if COVID restrictions allows an in-person meeting). I get busy interviewing only when there is a confirmed litter on the way and I have a rough idea of how many pups there may be.

Two litters are planned for 2021. First up is Nerida, This will be her first. We have bred her to Argo of Skyfall kennel and are waiting to see if we have good news to share.

Neala will be bred in May. Stay tuned on that front! The Sire has been selected and a pre-breeding health tests are under way.

Both of my gals are young, so we are planning to do two litters again in 2022.

I am always happy to network and will let you know if one of my fellow ethical breeders have puppies available. I do not fault anyone for having multiple lines of enquiries on the go.

Bailey is from our first litter and is now five. He is a handsome fellow living the good life in Parksville. He is full brother to my Bébinn. Lovely temperaments in this litter!


  1. Jana Tanner


    Female to be companion to my other wheaten Roxy. Ph 604 3137212. Nice chatting with you Teresa .

  2. Jane Martin


    Hello again! I’m not sure if you remember us meeting at the Youbou Ball field. You had your three dogs… Neala , I think Hallie. and a male. It was a while ago so the names elude me. Karen from the grooming shop on the old lake cowichan road told me about you. We have been delayed as my mum was needing almost full care suddenly , but has moved from our home so we are ready for our new dog. We have a 6 year old golden retriever and we’re doing search / sniff classes with her . We exercise her twice a day for 45-1 hour each outing. Look forward to chatting with you and of course are willing to wait for you to match your dog with our family. Thankyou. Jane Martin and family. 250-749-0143

    • tgdesignworks


      HI Jane, My first litter of 2021 is due April 1 but all are spoken for. My second litter of 2021 is from Neala and is planned for her next season. If we are successful puppies would be ready for new homes in August.

  3. Jane Martin


    Hi Teresa , we are happy to wait for litters in 2022 aswell. We know waiting is worth it to get the right dog. Thankyou for getting back to us. I’ll contact you in a few months to stay in touch. Thankyou Jane M

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