Litters 2020


Hi to all the folks who have been enquiring about puppies and our next planned litter.

Our Neala litter resulted in a single pup On April 17, 2020. Odin is doing well is a healthy, active pup. He will stay in our home and hopefully be our next Champion.

We also have who Nerida turned two on May 28, 2020. We are in the process of getting all her health testing done so we can breed her in Feb 2021.

We are getting numerous enquiries per day, so apologies if I miss responding (but I do try : ). Please use the puppy enquiry form under “Puppies” so I have an email/file record to refer to when the time comes.

Wishing you all safe social distancing and keep in touch!

Cheers, Teresa


  1. Jack lehman


    Hi, wondered when you will be having the next litter.
    We live in Parksville, and would love a wheaton
    Thank you
    Jack and Sheila

    • tgdesignworks


      Thanks for the enquiry Jack and Sheila! Nerida is next up – probably being bred in February 2021. My first step in my interview process is to have you fill out the puppy enquiry form found under “Puppies”. Many enquiries, but I do not firm up my wait list until I have pups on the ground.

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